Referral Partner in US

Join Our Referral Partner Program and Unlock Rewards: Be a Valued Referral Partner for a Leading US Outsourcing Company!

About the job

We are currently looking for a Remote Insurance Referral Partner to join our dynamic team. As an Insurance Referral Partner, you'll play a crucial role in helping us find clients offering them the insurance outsourcing services they need. If you're passionate about building relationships, providing excellent service, and making a significant impact in the insurance industry, this opportunity is perfect for you!

Working Conditions

Klever BPO is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law. This nondiscrimination policy extends to all terms, conditions, and privileges of employment, as well as participation in all company-sponsored activities, and all employment actions

Flexible hours are required as job duties demand. This is a remote position, which means you'll have the flexibility to work from home or anywhere you have access to a computer and internet connection

Target agencies from across the US

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Ability to work independently

At least two (2) years of experience in insurance, management, customer relationship

Ability to communicate across all levels of the operation with a great degree of respect and collegiality

Familiarity and a broad understanding of the local insurance services and the ability to connect clients to these services to meet their needs with our company policy.

Communicate information regarding referrals using a shared database.

Regularly check mail, e-mail, and voicemail and respond promptly and professionally to all inquiries

Demonstrate strong critical thinking skills for analysis and problem-solving.

Quick learner, possessing superior judgment


No direct supervisory responsibility.

Technical/Functional Competencies

The ability to work for yourself but not by yourself.

Sales-minded, and open to connecting via phone and your network.

Passion for people and developing relationships with clients.

Understanding customer needs

Goal-oriented, with a focus on achieving

Excellent time management and organizational skills take control of your career and positively impact the lives of others in your community!

Effective Communication


Relationship Management

Adaptability and Change Management

Cross-Functional Capability and Collaboration

How do we get paid

Unlike other jobs that may have a set salary or a ceiling on earning potential, as an Insurance Referral Partner, the sky is the limit when it comes to your earnings.

10% Commission Based for each overseas employee.

Earn extra bonus on each found Insurance Referee that would be willing to work with Klever BPO

Standard increase in commission is every 5-6 months, based on broad clients to our company.


The Symmetry Opportunity

So, if you're ready to take on a challenging and rewarding role as an Insurance Referral Partner, and you're motivated to succeed, we encourage you to apply today. With the right attitude and work ethic, this role has the potential to be a truly life-changing opportunity.

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